April 13, 2023

Advanced Tips for Increasing Entry Speed

Spencer Pigot

Car Racing

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Hey there, fellow racers! Spencer Pigot here, and today I want to share with you some advanced tips on mastering corner entry and brake zone consistency.

I've seen a lot of talented grassroots racers out there, and with a bit of guidance, I believe you can push your limits even further. Let's dive into the specifics of what you should be focusing on to take your racing skills to the next level.

1. Maximize corner entry

Corner entry is crucial when it comes to shaving valuable time off your laps. As an advanced grassroots racer, you're likely already smooth with your high-speed maneuvers and car placement. Now it's time to push yourself further by refining your corner entries. Here's how:

Attack the entry: Don't be afraid to be more aggressive with your approach to corners. While "attacking" might sound counterintuitive, it's about finding the right balance to maximize the entry without compromising the overall cornering performance.

Manage weight transfer: The key to maximizing corner entry is to maintain the right amount of weight on the front tires. When you enter a corner, the weight transfer affects the car's attitude, providing more front grip which allows you to rotate the car more efficiently. This will allow you to carry more speed without sacrificing your exit.If done correctly you will have completed most of the rotation needed to get around the corner before the apex so you can then start to unwind your hands and get back to power on the exit. Managing weight transfer starts with having the right type of brake pressure for the corner you're entering.  To learn more about the right braking technique for each corner click here!

Develop Feedback Loops:  Continue building your knowledge of what your priority is in every corner.  When we know where our minimum speed should come and where we should get back to full throttle we develop feedback loops to enable us to roll in entry speed and know when we're starting to go over the limit. When you notice you can’t get back to full throttle at your predetermined spot, you’ve carried a little too much entry speed and just need to back it down one step.

2. Brake Zone Consistency

Consistency in your brake zones is another critical aspect of improving your performance on the track. Inefficient braking can cost you precious time and negatively impact your car's handling. Here's what you should work on:

Smooth brake pressure: Strive for a consistent and gradual decrease in brake pressure as you approach the corner. This allows your car to slow down more efficiently and provides better control. Avoid "stabbing" the brakes, which can upset the car's balance and lead to inconsistent brake zones.

Brake later: By maintaining consistent brake pressure, you'll be able to brake later into corners without overshooting the apexes. This can shave valuable tenths of a second off your lap times.

Downshifting and braking: If your car doesn't have an auto-blip function, make sure your downshifting doesn't interfere with your brake pressure. Inconsistent brake pressure during downshifts can lead to unstable corner entries and compromised performance. Make sure to get your downshifting done and your hands back on the steering wheel before your turn in point.


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