Tim Hancock

Guitar coach

Blayze Coach Tim Hancock
Blayze Coach Tim Hancock
Blayze Coach Tim Hancock
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  • Based in CA
  • 16 years coaching experience
  • 7 Blayze members coached

About Tim

Tim Hancock has 16+ years experience in music education, eLearning, touring and studio work. After graduating in 2008 with an honors degree in music and professional practice, Tim begun teaching in classrooms back home in the UK. His ability to engage with young learners did not go unnoticed and he was soon leading teacher training and professional development for other instructors in the district. Simultaneously Tim spent much of his 20’s writing, recording and touring with his own band, Brontide, and other established acts. This lead him to travel parts of Europe, China and the USA. The US would call again when he moved there in 2019, taking a job with Fender to work on their eLearning platform, Fender Play. During that time he developed curriculum, as well as supporting programs within large education institutions such as Los Angeles and Hawaii’s school districts. His work has helped thousands of students to develop a love for playing and achieve goals they thought were otherwise out of reach. His approach is always to meet the needs of his students, but ensure learning is fun and musical.

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Rating & Reviews

Out of 6 reviews
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Blaze | Dion von Moltke
Dion von Moltke
May 2, 2024
I come away so energetic and excited after every lesson with Tim! I felt bad because I hadn't practiced at all since our last session and he was totally cool with that. He came in with a plan of what to focus on, made it easy, and I just can't believe how he can simplify complex notes down so much. I am 100% becoming a better player than I ever thought was possible thanks to him!
Blaze | Dion von Moltke
Dion von Moltke
March 9, 2024
Tim is an incredible coach! I learned more in one 30-min session with Tim than I ever thought possible. He's patient and a master communicator that can make complex things seem simple and fun to do! I highly recommend having Tim as your coach!
Blaze | John Abdulla
John Abdulla
January 16, 2024
I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and precision of Tim's feedback to help me improve my guitar skills; he is clear, concise, and offers targeted points for me to work on. And he does it all in a friendly and accessible way. He's a great coach!
Blaze | David Henderson
David Henderson
January 16, 2024
Tim Hancock provided instruction that was appropriate for my skill level and gave me guidance on next steps to improve my playing.

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Meet your dedicated coach and discuss your goals over a live, video intro call.

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Common Questions

  • What things do you focus on most when teaching?

    Finding a connection between the music my students love, and the skills they will need to play it.

  • Are you comfortable teaching all age ranges?


  • Do you specialize in any particular styles?

    My background is predominantly Rock & Pop