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Partner with Blayze for a zero-cost, branded coaching platform that opens up a new recurring revenue stream, increases e-commerce sales, and enhances customer lifetime value — all for no initial investment.

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Frustration from lack of progress is the top reason learners disengage in the hobbies, sports, and any skill based market.

Blayze addresses this by collaborating with top brands like Fender and Garmin to offer a co-branded, personalized coaching platform. Our approach turns challenges into opportunities, keeping clients inspired and committed. With Blayze, customers not only improve their skills but also deepen their brand loyalty, leading to significant increases in their lifetime value.

Radically Expand Your Customer Base with Blayze


Working with the team at Blayze has been an incredible and refreshing experience.Their approach and dedication allowed us to launch something in six months that would have taken us multiple years internally. The team's speed and flexibility, combined with their proactive communication, ensured a seamless end-to-end experience and exceptional results. Partnering with Blayze we are pioneering next-gen learning technologies and we believe it is the best solution to radically expand our platform and customer base.

Matt Annerino Fender

Matt Annerino
VP, GM @ Fender

Unlock a New Recurring Revenue Stream for $0 with Blayze

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Partnering with Blayze is a zero-cost opportunity that unlocks a new, high-margin revenue stream for your brand. We handle everything from the technology and coaches to support for both coaches and customers. All our partners need to do is market their co-branded Blayze platform. In return, we share revenue on every membership sold through our partners' marketing efforts. This collaborative approach not only enhances your brand value but also opens up a lucrative path to ongoing revenue with minimal effort.

Direct to Consumer: Sell More with In-App Purchases on Blayze

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Blayze opens a direct e-commerce channel within our app, allowing you to promote and sell your products to a dedicated audience. This seamless integration not only boosts your visibility but also increases sales as customers engage with personalized coaching and seek to enhance their skills with the right gear.

Harness the Power of Trust: Coaches as Your Brand Champions

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Coaches form deep, trust-based relationships with learners, making them powerful allies in grassroots marketing. By supporting and promoting our coaches, you not only enhance their ability to serve but also encourage them to recommend your products. This symbiotic relationship creates a loyal brand advocacy network that drives sales directly from the training ground.

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