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Get 14 days of full access to a dedicated pro coach, weekly training programs,
and unlimited content for $29—that’s 60% off the regular monthly price!

Train like a pro at a fraction of the cost
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" I’m really enjoying Blayze and amazed I get to work with a professional player, Cassie Miller! Her game video feedback on my game performance was so helpful and never in my wildest dreams think I would get this level of support at 14!

Available Plans

After your 14-day trial, you’ll automatically enroll into the 60 Credit Yearly plan.
You can adjust your plan at any time.

Save 20%
60 Credits $39 / month Billed at $469/year
120 Credits $79 / month Billed at $949/year
180 Credits $119 / month Billed at $1,429/year

Benefits to you:


Personal coaching

Work directly with a pro coach and learn how to improve.


Free credits

Get 13 free credits to use on personalized coaching sessions.

Chat messaging

Message your coach whenever, wherever.

Unlimited content

Boost your knowledge with blog articles, courses, and more.

What are credits?

Each plan includes credits which are used to redeem personal coaching sessions with your instructor. The amount of credits needed varies by the session type:

Traning Analysis

Submit video clips of you running through up to 3 drills for your coach to review and identify areas for improvement

4 credits

Half-Game Analysis

Upload video from one half a game for your coach to review

13 credits

Full Game Analysis

Upload an entire game for your coach to review in-depth and give you actionable coaching to improve today

25 credits

How to use your credits

Here’s how some Blayze members use credits for personal coaching:

Frequently asked questions

  • What are training plans?

    Your instructor will not only help you with how to improve through their coaching sessions but they will also give you customized weekly training plans based on the areas they want you to practice. After each coaching session you will get a list of drills to work on so that you’re always moving forward. You can also build and manage your own plans, and track your progress which is shared with your coach. They are with you every step of the way!

  • How much does it cost?

    Blayze operates on credits. You buy credits to use for live lessons or an “On-Demand” skill analysis (you submit a video and the instructor sends back detailed video feedback). The on-demand skill analysis cost $24 and live calls with your instructor vary depending on the prices instructors set but typically start at the $40 range. That is over 45% less expensive than the average 1:1 lesson. A trial of Blayze costs $29 and comes with an introduction call with the instructor you choose, access to learning content, instructor messaging, learning tools built into the platform, and enough credits for two “on your time” skill analysis.

  • What is Fender Play 1:1?

    Fender Play has partnered with Blayze to create virtual one-on-one guitar lessons for players of all levels. Beginners starting out can get a personalized instructor that can help them learn the basics the right way. Experienced players can finally perfect the solo they have been working on, learn a new skill or genre, or learn about more complex music theory. With this platform, Fender is now able to connect you directly with some of the top instructors in the world…all on your time. You can schedule live video lessons or submit videos of your playing for in depth analysis from your selected instructor.

  • How do I record myself?

    You can record yourself using any camera, but most players record themselves using their phone or webcam on their computer. As long as your instructor can see your whole instrument, both of your hands, and can hear you playing during the video you should be good to go!

  • How long until I get my coaching session back?

    Instructors typically will upload your coaching session within 48 - 72 hours or less. You can always message your coach from within the Blayze app to ask when they plan on getting your coaching session back to you.

  • Is my coaching session secure?

    Yes! Only you and your instructor will see your coaching video unless you decide you would like to share them.

  • How do I know if I'm ready for a Fender Play 1:1 Instructor?

    When you work with the very best instructors they will tailor their coaching to your experience level. So, it doesn't matter if you have never played a guitar before or you have been playing for 20 years, our instructors can help you! Perfect for players of all ages, experience levels, and interest levels.

  • Can I use my Fender Play login?

    Fender Play 1:1 will require a separate account and login credentials from Fender Play and Fender Connect. All Fender Play 1:1 lessons will be managed directly through the Blayze platform and your assigned instructor.

  • Am I able to meet my instructor or speak with them live?

    Yes! When you start your 14-day trial the first step is scheduling a 1:1 intro video call to meet your instructor. After that you will have the ability to schedule 30-min or 60-min live coaching sessions.

  • What is Blayze?

    Blayze is a coaching platform that has been wildly successful in race car driving and sports. The platform has connected thousands of aspiring drivers and athletes to top tier professional coaches. Fender is partnering with Blayze to provide that same opportunity to guitar, bass, and uke players.

  • How is this different from Fender Play?

    Fender Play is a guided online learning program with pre-recorded video lessons for beginning players. With thousands of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, Fender Play provides a learning path based on your goals and musical preferences. The curriculum is designed so that after a few short lessons you’ll be able to play something new, whether it's a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song. Fender Play 1:1 is designed to be an extension of this program and connect you directly with our Fender Play instructors. If you are just starting out, coming back from not playing for a while, or stuck on a certain skill, meeting with an instructor can help you progress to the next level. They can provide more personalized practice plans, direct feedback on your playing, and tips on how to get better.