Ken Hill

Car Racing coach

Blayze Coach Ken Hill
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  • Based in Davis, CA
  • 20 years coaching experience
  • 64 Blayze members coached

About Ken

Professional motorsports coach for over 20 years

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Rating & Reviews

Out of 9 reviews
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Blaze | Eric Chin
Eric Chin
August 25, 2023
Ken provides great analysis, identifies the problem areas clearly and then gives wonderful advice on how to resolve them.
Blaze | Kirk Erlinger
Kirk Erlinger
July 5, 2023
Ken is beyond awesome! He is very clear and efficient with explanations of where to improve to gain time. Thanks Ken!!
Blaze | Alessandro Sensoli
Alessandro Sensoli
February 1, 2023
Got the video back within 3hrs. Outstanding. Good communications. Simple but important corrections to do. He explained them very well That is what i was looking for
Blaze | Kirk Erlinger
Kirk Erlinger
December 17, 2022
The best $129.00 investment I've made in my riding in years! If I can apply Kens suggestions I'll not only ride safer and faster, but might even extend tire life! I just need to apply these nuggets of wisdom! Thanks Ken!

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Meet your dedicated coach and discuss your goals over a live, video intro call.

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